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Monthly Archives: March 2022

  1. AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 2

    AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 2

    I've always been drawn to wild and rugged mountains. The more rugged, the more wild, the more challenging...the better. Better in a sense of challenge, inspiration and determination to climb, scale and navigate the path less traveled. I suppose that it shouldn't be surprising that my deep desire to hunt mountain goats is likely because they call wild and rugged mountains home. I marvel at how so gracefully they move about on terrain that is to most of us inhospitable and near impossible.

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  2. AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 1

    AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 1

    I think everyone dreams of hunting Mountain Goats. I know I did. Some days I felt like it could be a real possibility and other times I felt like there was not a chance I could ever make it happen. But fate, hard work and friendship found us on the Alaska Coastline, hopping on a plane and headed into the bush to fulfill a pair of dreams.

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