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  1. Mid Season Boot Selection

    Mid Season Boot Selection

    Many of us are in the process of swapping out some of our early-season gear and adding in our mid-season kit. Which for most of us means your garage or gear room probably looks like a bomb went off. Along with heavier base layers and more insulation pieces you may want to think about switching boots. It's about time to clean up and condition those lightweight, early-season boots and break out something a bit more heavy duty and warm.

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  2. After Action Report - Spring Bear Hunting Review

    After Action Report - Spring Bear Hunting Review

    Q: What is one thing you did right this season? A: A lot of spot and stalk bear hunting is trial and error until you figure out where bears like to be. A couple of things we did right were getting out and spending time behind the glass in new areas. We saw bears almost every day, and we primarily looked for big mature boars. Don’t narrow yourself down to one certain area, I feel that we do a good job of staying mobile and looking over a lot of country to find the right bear. 

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  3. Fine Tuning Your Boot Fit

    Fine Tuning Your Boot Fit

    Feet are weird! The human foot is made up of three arches, twenty different muscles, 24 ligaments, 26 bones, and 33 joints. The bones in your two feet contain one-quarter of ALL the bones in your body. Most Podiatrists recognize five distinct foot shapes, and some anthropologists and genealogists believe the shape of a person's feet can provide insight into their ancestral origins.

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  4. Try This Free Workout

    Try This Free Workout

    Our friends over at MTNTOUGH and trainer Jimmy Alsobrook built this incredibly effective workout specifically designed to help you endure deadfall. Every hunter who has spent time in the backcountry with a heavy pack knows how devastating traversing deadfall can be.

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  5. Giving Your Boots Some Love After a Season of Beatdowns

    Giving Your Boots Some Love After a Season of Beatdowns

    Helping our customers with warranty issues is one of my main roles here at Crispi, and in my time I have seen and heard just about everything you can imagine. Most of our customers are good folks, just looking for a solution to a problem. Sometimes it is a legitimate issue that we are happy to help with. Other times it’s an issue that doesn’t fit into our warranty policy but we can still provide some help and a solution, while sometimes it is something completely different.


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  6. Lacing Style Alternatives

    Lacing Style Alternatives

    Feet come in all shapes and sizes. Long, skinny, wide, short and all kinds of combinations in-between. Boots come in a few shapes and sizes too but not nearly as many as there are different feet. This makes finding the right boot fit sometimes tedious.

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  7. Boot Care by HuntDIY.com

    Boot Care by HuntDIY.com

    It's no secret, most of us don't take care of our boots like we should. We go out scouting, hiking, hunting and upon returning home our boots get pitched into the closet/garage and there they sit, dirty and waiting for a little TLC. The reality is that the TLC our boots crave seldom comes. 

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