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  1. AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 2

    AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 2

    I've always been drawn to wild and rugged mountains. The more rugged, the more wild, the more challenging...the better. Better in a sense of challenge, inspiration and determination to climb, scale and navigate the path less traveled. I suppose that it shouldn't be surprising that my deep desire to hunt mountain goats is likely because they call wild and rugged mountains home. I marvel at how so gracefully they move about on terrain that is to most of us inhospitable and near impossible.

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  2. AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 1

    AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 1

    I think everyone dreams of hunting Mountain Goats. I know I did. Some days I felt like it could be a real possibility and other times I felt like there was not a chance I could ever make it happen. But fate, hard work and friendship found us on the Alaska Coastline, hopping on a plane and headed into the bush to fulfill a pair of dreams.

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  3. After Action Report - Archery Elk Season pt. 1

    After Action Report - Archery Elk Season pt. 1

    The goal of this article is to look back on the season and give our audience a preview of some lessons you learned. Speaking from personal experience, everytime we go hunting, there are things that we do right, and things that we do wrong. Looking back on these can help us become better hunters, and by sharing these with others, maybe they can learn from our successes and mistakes.

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  4. 21 Days To Elk Shape

    21 Days To Elk Shape

    You have procrastinated long enough, and now you’re quickly realizing there’s a small window of time to prepare for your fall hunt. This program is written for a would-be archery elk hunter, but can be tweaked to suit any big game hunter wanting to drive home results. This program is no nonsense and fast paced to have you as ready as possible in a short amount of time. In addition, this is a great test for any athlete that wants to put their toe into the ElkShape methodology to see if THEY dig this approach to well rounded mountain fitness.

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  5. SOLO HNTR Film Release

    SOLO HNTR Film Release

    Follow SOLO HNTR Tim Burnett as he pursues a lifelong dream of chasing Dall sheep in Alaska. Available to the public in late September 2019, this film is debuting on CrispiUS.com first, along with multiple giveaaway opportunities!

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  6. Crispi Wyoming GTX Review

    Crispi Wyoming GTX Review

    Boots have become sort of a frustrating topic for me. It seems that I’m always looking for the right boot for my needs and am usually left scratching my head. In the past, I have always landed on a soft sole boot. These have been great in terms of comfort, but in the land of durability and being waterproof?

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  7. Crispi Idaho GTX Backcountry Boot Review

    Crispi Idaho GTX Backcountry Boot Review

    Dustin Wittwer of Team Backcountry has been using the Crispi Idaho GTX for the better part of the year. He's drawn a coveted archery elk tag in Utah and has spent many miles scouting this summer for that hunt and as a culmination of time spent in the backcountry, we asked him to

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  8. Hunter GTX Initial Review by Remote Pursuits

    Hunter GTX Initial Review by Remote Pursuits

    Testing a mountain hunting boot can be accomplished anywhere in North America, but many mountain hunters have a different kind of respect for the proving grounds that Alaska can be on both footwear and hunting gear in general.

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  9. Nevada Review by Rokslide.com

    Nevada Review by Rokslide.com

    One thing you learn early on as a mountain hunter is that if your feet aren't happy, you aren't having fun! If you choose the wrong boot for your feet and the conditions, you'll suffer and likely cut your trip short

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  10. Team Backcountry Review of the Nevada GTX

    Team Backcountry Review of the Nevada GTX

    After two hunting seasons and easily over 300 miles of hiking, I can honestly say the Crispi Nevada’s are the best boots I have ever owned. I have yet to get a single blister or hot spot on my feet.

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