Crispi Idaho GTX Backcountry Boot Review

Dustin Wittwer of Team Backcountry has been using the Crispi Idaho GTX for the better part of the year. He's drawn a coveted archery elk tag in Utah and has spent many miles scouting this summer for that hunt and as a culmination of time spent in the backcountry, we asked him to submit a review to

In this review he talks about the importance of key equipment needed for a successful backcountry hunt, boots obviously being one of those. For the entire review, please check it out at Below is a preview of the review..


Certain pieces of backcountry gear are crucial to a successful hunt. During this review, I wondered which piece of gear that I use is the absolute most important. During my years of hunting the backcountry, I've experienced gear failures from almost every imaginable piece of equipment, including tents, backpacks, bows, optics, clothing, knives, headlamps, and the list goes on! After reminiscing each of these gear failures, I realized that in each case the hunt was able to go on without too much difficulty.

After years of trying numerous boots on the market, I have finally found a great pair of boots that meet some very strict requirements I demand out of my backcountry hunting boots. The three main areas I require from a hunting boot are comfort, stability, and durability. I've had the chance to test the Crispi Idaho GTX for the past several months. These boots meet, and even exceed, each of these requirements for a bomb-proof, early season backcountry hunting boot!

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