AK Archery Mountain Goat - Part 1

This is a SoloHntr Film presented by Crispi.

I think everyone dreams of hunting Mountain Goats. I know I did. Some days I felt like it could be a real possibility and other times I felt like there was not a chance I could ever make it happen. But fate, hard work and friendship found us on the Alaska Coastline, hopping on a plane and headed into the bush to fulfill a pair of dreams. I've never felt as casual and comfortable for a hunt as much as I did for this one. Maybe it's just the age catching up to me. Or maybe I'm beginning to let preparation and experience take over my thoughts more and more. In either case I'm finally hunting Mountain Goats and I'm doing it with a great friend. 
As I've had more and more experience and opportunity to hunt in Alaska, I think l've learned that I'm hunting for the adventure just as much as for the game. The views are stunning, the weather is trash but the mountains are filled with Goats and Bears, and much to the delight of Kendall, covered with ripe blueberries. 
This hunt was a perfect blend of emotions. From me killing a great Mountain Goat with my bow, to Kendall getting his first Black bear at just a few short yards. To the final push into no man's land to find a second Billie for Kendall on the last day and the long march back to camp in the late hours of the night. Nothing mother nature had could bring down the great vibe we had in camp all week long. The hosts and guides were amazing. The company extraordinaire. And now the memories are finally packaged and ready for us to share. -TIM BURNETT, SoloHntr.com