Crispi Wyoming GTX Review

Boots have become sort of a frustrating topic for me. It seems that I’m always looking for the right boot for my needs and am usually left scratching my head. In the past, I have always landed on a soft sole boot. These have been great in terms of comfort, but in the land of durability and being waterproof? Well, that’s another story and an area that they lack in. When I have found boots that were more durable, they just lacked in comfort. So, now I am left with a situation of give and take. Do I want my feet to be more comfortable and possibly wet or do I want dry feet and less comfort? The Crispi Wyoming GTX was a boot that stood out to me as a “tweener,” if you would. Something in between comfort and durability that didn’t lack in being waterproof.

Crispi Wyoming GTX

As I laid out in the beginning of this article I looked at the Wyomings as a tweener of sorts. A boot that may have bridged the gap between comfort and durability. I wanted something flexible enough that I didn’t feel restricted, but stiff enough that I knew I’d get the support I needed. In Crispi’s Flex Rating the Wyomings come in right in the middle, which is what I wanted. They come with Gore-Tex® waterproof lining and water repellent suede with high resistance cordura. The Wyomings are going to also come equipped with Crispi’s ABSS Ankle Support system, which is supposed to ensure superior support to your ankles limiting fatigue in the long run. Having an uninsulated boot was super important to me, and is another win for the Wyoming. The sole that they use for the Wyoming GTX is Vibram® and the midsole is polyurethane. Definitely a step up from the EVA midsole that I have been accustomed to in the past. So, how did the Wyoming hold up for me?

First Impressions