Lacing Style Alternatives

Feet come in all shapes and sizes. Long, skinny, wide, short and all kinds of combinations in-between. Boots come in a few shapes and sizes too but not nearly as many as there are different feet. This makes finding the right boot fit sometimes tedious.

There are a few tricks to making your hunting boots fit more comfortably though, like the socks you wear or the insoles you use. One of the most overlooked ways of adjusting the fit and comfort of your hunting boots is how you lace them. When we say overlooked, we mean vastly overlooked. It’s just not something you hear discussed much when it comes to hunting boot comfort and fit.

Changing the way you lace those boots that don’t quite feel right might save you from exchanging, selling, or just plain having to eat the cost of a pair. Lacing can change fit and comfort drastically. Before you move on from that pair of hunting boots that don’t feel quite right try these 3 simple lacing tricks. They might just save you a lot of money and turn those boots into your favorite go-to-boots when hunting.